Strengthening Gel Manicure£22.00
Strengthening Gel Removal & Re-Apply£25.00
Gel Pedicure£25.00
Strengthening French Gel Manicure£26.00
IBX Treatment & Gel Polish Manicure£30.00
Spa Manicure with Polish£25.00
Spa Pedicure with Polish£30.00
Xtens Gel Extensions£30.00
Xtens with Gel Polish£35.00
Xtens Infills£28.00
Xtens Infills with Gel Polish£32.00
Xtens Removal & Re-Apply£42.00
Glitter, Chrome, Nail Art (Per Set)From £2.00
Crystals (Per Nail)From £1.00
Acrylic Extensions£32.00
Acrylic Extensions with Gel Polish£37.00
French Acrylic Extensions£38.00
French Acrylic Infills£33.00
Acrylic Overlay£30.00
Acrylic Overlay with Gel Polish£35.00
Acrylic Infills£28.00
Acrylic Infills with Gel Polish£33.00
Nail Repair (Per Nail)£3.00
Gel Polish Removal & Mini Mani£10.00
Xtens Removal & Mini Mani£15.00
Acrylic Removal & Mini Mani£17.00
Non Standard Salon Product RemovalFrom £25.00


Brow Tidy£7.00
Brow Tint£10.00
Brow Tint & Tidy£15.00
Henna Brows£28.00
Brow Lamination£28.00
Lash & Brow Growth SerumFrom £75.00


Lash Lift £35.00
Lash Lift & Tint (Top Lashes)£38.00
Lash Lift & Tint (Top & Bottom Lashes)£42.00
Cluster Lashes£25.00
Classic Lash Extensions£40.00
Infills (Up to 60 minutes)£27.00
Infills (Up to 90 minutes)£30.00
Hybrid Lash Extensions£50.00
Infills (Up to 60 minutes)£37.00
Infills (Up to 90 minutes)£40.00
Volume Lashes£60.00
Infills (Up to 60 minutes)£47.00
Infills (Up to 90 minutes)£50.00
Lash Removal£20.00
Lash Tint (Top Lashes)£10.00
Lash Tint (Top & Bottom Lashes)£15.00


Spa Mini Facial£20.00
Spa Facial£28.00
Spa Luxury Facial£38.00
Dermaplaning Facial£45.00
Chemical Peel Facial£45.00
Micro-Needling Facial£50.00
Microdermabrasion Facial£35.00
Jade/Rose Quartz Crystal Facial£45.00
Ice Globes Facial£45.00
LED Light Therapy£25.00
Dragons Blood Facial£45.00
24K Gold Facial£45.00
Eve Taylor Express Prescriptive Facial£28.00
Eve Taylor Essential Prescriptive Facial£38.00
Eve Taylor Intensive Prescriptive Facial£48.00


Top Lip or Chin Wax£7.00
Bikini Line Wax£15.00
Half Leg Wax£20.00
Full Leg Wax£28.00


Indian Head Massage£25.00
Arm, Chest & Shoulder Massage£22.00
Leg Massage£24.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage£28.00
Back, Neck & Leg Massage£32.00
Full Body Massage£45.00
Add Aromatherapy Oil+ £5.00
Body Scrub£45.00

Glamorous Lengths Hair Extensions

Fusion BondsFrom £150.00
Easy ShrinksFrom £170.00
Mini TubesFrom £170.00
Tape WeftFrom £190.00
Micro RingsFrom £200.00
Nano RingsFrom £225.00